What is Tuk Tuk Hop?

A ride in the iconic Tuk-Tuk is a must-do when visiting Bangkok. This colorful, open-air, three-wheel taxi is able to navigate through Bangkok’s quickly. Taking a tuk-tuk is not always the cheapest transportation method in Bangkok but it’s part of the ‘Bangkok experience’ and not to be missed.

It can often be quite a hassle for Bangkok visitors to take a tuk-tuk. Especially in the more touristy areas of town where there can often be unsolicited stops (jewelry shops, tailors, ‘tourist-agencies’ while trying to get to your next destination. Without these stops it can be a challenge to get a decent price when trying to take a tuk-tuk to get around.

Getting to your destination right away while trying to get a decent price can often hold people back to drive around in Bangkok’s iconic three-wheeler.


Several Bangkok entrepreneurs have created a solution to get rid of this hassle. An Application where tuk-tuk’s can be requested unlimited during the day-time for a set and pre-paid amount. This service is available in and around Bangkok’s old town where most of the well known tourist attractions are situated. With his Application (Tuk Tuk Hop) they are offering guests from all over the world a safe, fun, practical and hassle-free mode of transport and opportunity to visit Bangkok’s famous sights and temples in the iconic Tuk-Tuk.

Sight and locations

Tuk-Tuk’s are available between 08:00 and 18:00 via the Application and can be requested an unlimited number of times from the designated meeting-points. There are over 30+ locations where one can be pick-up and dropped-off from. The most famous stops are:

  • Chinatown
  • Khao San Road
  • Flower Market
  • Golden Mount
  • Grand Palace
  • Wat Arun
  • Wat Pho
  • Rajadamnern Stadium (Muay Thai)TUK TUK HOP_MAP-Update-3May18-01

How does it work

To use the Application you will need a internet connection. Thai sim-cards with internet can easily be bought at 7-11’s around town. Pocket-wifi devices can also be hired for the day for only 49 Baht. First of all you will need to download the Application via the Play Store or App Store. To use the service you will be required to purchase a code to get access the service here. You can easily pay online with PayPal, Mastercard, Visa or opt for ‘pay in cash’ on location. Once you are ready to explore Bangkok it works as follows:

  1. Select pick-up point
  2. Select drop-off point
  3. Walk to the pick-up point to meet your Tuk-Tuk

Screen Shot 2561-08-05 at 17.59.08

After you have chosen both pick-up and drop-off points a Tuk-Tuk will be assigned to your trip. Via the Application you can easily follow your driver via the map to see if he’s almost there. This will typically take no longer than 10-15 minutes. There’s also an option available to pick you up in 15 minutes. You can then slowly walk to your pick-up points and avoid having to wait.

The Tuk-Tuk with the TukTukHop sign will then find you, pick you up and bring you to your destination: no questions asked.

What does it cost

There’s a one-time fee involved in order to get unlimited access to the application. The price range is between 200 – 399 Baht per person. Children younger than 100 cm can join free of charge. Price scheme:

1 Person: 399 Baht

2 Persons: 599 Baht

3 Persons: 699 Baht

4 Persons: 799 Baht


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