Best Ways to get Around in Bangkok

Getting around in Bangkok can be quite a challenge for visitors.  The infamous traffic in Bangkok CAN (but doesn’t have to) cost you loads of time and delays when trying to visit the temples, museums, restaurants, bars from your to-do list.  Here are the different possibilities of getting around in Bangkok.



Taking a taxi in Bangkok is typically the most convenient way to get around easily.  The average taxi is a spacious and air conditioned Toyota car and readily available 24/7 and throughout the city.  As the meter starts at 35 THB taxis in Bangkok are also an inexpensive way to get around. However, when in central Bangkok or during rush hour (07:00 – 09:00 and 17:00 – 19:00) a taxi might not be your fastest way.  Gridlocked traffic may cause you to spend over an hour in traffic while trying to get to your restaurant, temple or hotel. Taxis are required to turn on the meter. However, especially in busy areas with many tourists they might be hesitant to do so.  When they mention a price up front you can politely deny and take the next taxi available.

Taxi in Bangkok ,the price starts from 35THB


Chao Phraya River Express

The Chao Phraya River Express boat is a good way to beat Bangkok’s traffic.  There are over 30 stops to be found along the entire route. The various lines (distinguished by the color of their flag) stop at their designated stops.  For tourists visiting Bangkok the Orange and Blue flag boats are the most popular as they stop at most of Bangkok’s famous tourist attractions such as Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Flower Market and the Grand Palace.  However not all Bangkok’s must-see temples, palaces and markets are located along or near the river.

Chao Phraya Tourist Boat


The BTS, MRT and Airport Rail Link

The existence of different types of trains in Bangkok offers residents and visitors a smooth, safe and fast way to get around.  The Skytrain (BTS), MRT and Airport Rail Link have stations scattered around the city. Where the Airport Rail Link brings passengers from the Airport into downtown, the BTS and MRT and your best bet to use anywhere from downtown Bangkok to all stations across the different lines.  These trains are air conditioned, fast and inexpensive with prices between 10 – 50 THB depending on the distance travelled. However not every point of interest can be reached by train due to a limited number of stations.

BTS : Bangkok Sky Train


Tuk tuk

Tuk Tuk Bangkok

This iconic three wheeler might not be the most convenient option to get around Bangkok, but is definitely something Bangkok visitors have to experience. Tuk tuk’s are fast and able to navigate through traffic easier than taxis. They are widely available across the city and mostly found in areas with many tourists.  Tuk tuk’s are sometimes associated with scams and/or overcharging.

Screen Shot 2561-08-05 at 17.59.08



The best, safest and smoothest way to experience the bestof Bangkok in a tuk tuk without the possibilities of being scammed is by using the Tuk Tuk Hop application.



How to Get Around Bangkok’s Famous Tourist Attractions


Most of Bangkok’s famous tourist attractions can be found in the old part of town.  This area lacks major (MRT / BTS) train stations leaving you with less options to get around.  Tuk tuks and taxis are readily available in this area but are often found to be a hassle for visitors due to potential tourist scams, the overcharging of customers and communication issues.
Tuk Tuk Hop provides an on-demand, hop on hop off tuk tuk service around Bangkok’s well known tourist attractions.  This way users can enjoy a hassle-free and convenient experience getting around between the famous temples, markets, palaces and recommended restaurants for a set price per day and on-demand tuk tuk’s readily available.  With the designated and recommended stops with detailed and helpful information, Tuk tuk Hop offers a self-guided tour around all the interesting-, beautiful- and unique spots that Bangkok has to offer.

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