Bangkok Low Season: Rainy Day

Bangkok has a tropical monsoon climate and has three different seasons. The most humid season, also known as Bangkok’s ‘rainy season’ or ‘low season’ is somewhere between May and October. Don’t worry as it typically doesn’t rain the entire day.  The rain is characterised by, often local, 30-60 minutes torrential showers typically late in the afternoon.

The advantages of traveling during this ‘low season’ is that hotels, flight-tickets and other activities are often discounted.  Other than that temperatures are more comfortable to explore Bangkok’s famous and less famous attractions.

What to do when it rains in Bangkok: recommended stops

When you are hopping on and off Tuk Tuk’s between Bangkok’s most famous attractions and you encounter a torrential showers there a loads of interesting indoor activities and stops to discover while you seek shelter from the rain.

Our favorite stops and attractions for when it rains:

  • Stop no. 4: Museum Siam
  • Stop no. 7: National Museum
  • Stop no. 10: Rattanakosin Hall
  • Stop no. 34: Muay Thai at Rajadamnern Stadium, from 5pm onwards.
Museum Siam
Museum Siam

Feeling hungry just when it’s about to rain? Choose one the recommended and hand-picked restaurants of Tuk Tuk Hop and let the rain pass while you enjoy a delicious Thai meal.

In case you are feeling for something more interactive there are several workshop and classes to be found in the proximity of the official Tuk Tuk Hop stops.  Participate in a cley or art workshop while it rains, or learn how to cook world-class and famous Thai recipes in a cooking class.

Hop on hop off Bangkok on a rainy day

We at Tuk Tuk Hop can’t stop the rain (sorry!), but we do try to service you so the rain doesn’t ruin your plans and you can continue to enjoy Bangkok’s famous and less famous sights and attractions.

   Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

✔ Same year round competitive price for unlimited Tuk Tuk rides

✔ Special curtain on the Tuk Tuk to protect you from the rain

✔ Free umbrella rental

✔ Hassle free, no need to worry about not be able to find tuk tuks or taxis when it rains.  We will pick you up, and won’t leave you hanging!

Rajadamnern Muay Thai Stadium

Visiting Bangkok during the ‘low-season’ has plenty of advantages and we are happy to assist you in showing Bangkok’s famous sights and attractions.

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