Bangkok Songkran 2018

What is Songkran?
Songkran is the official Thai New Year. Thailand didn’t always use the international calendar as nowadays. The solar calendar used to be leading making the dates of the Thai new year changing all the time, depending on location. Nowadays the official Thai New Year is celebrated between 13 – 15 April, but dates and festivities may vary by location.

Tuk Tuk Hop x Songkran special: rent your private Tuk Tuk for only 285 THB per hour.

Songkran Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand
The Songkran festival is a nationwide water festival celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year’s Day from 13-15 April. Traditionally a sign of respect and well-wishing, the throwing of water has become more than just a polite sprinkling. During Songkran, people throughout Thailand crowd the streets with overflowing buckets and water pistols – anyone is fair game, nationals and tourists alike!


How does Songkran affect Bangkok?

The three official holidays during Songkran in Bangkok are often used by the Thai to visit their family. Many Thai will travel out of Bangkok to visit family-members in cities and villages across the country. Most offices, government buildings and local businesses will be closed during Songkran. Shopping malls, restaurants and shops in tourist areas will remain open. Bangkok’s temples will certainly be open for visitors as this is where the Thai will go to make merits.

People celebrating the Songkran festival or Thai New Year's festival on Silom street in Bangkok, Thailand.
People celebrating the Songkran festival or Thai New Year’s festival on Silom street in Bangkok, Thailand.


The famous Songkran water fights
Songkran is internationally known as an enormous water fight. The biggest and most popular places for water fights are in the Rattanakosin / Khao San Road area and Silom. As April is the hottest month of the year a water fight can be a welcoming relief from the summer heat.

Young fancy Elephant playing water.
Fancy young elephant playing water in Songkran festival ( water festival ) in Thailand








Tuk Tuk Hop and Songkran

As Tuk Tuk Hop is specialised in the Rattanakosin area, most temples and popular attractions remain opened during Songkran. During Songkran there will generally be less Tuk Tuk’s on the road as many drivers return back to their hometown outside of Bangkok. While the demand for Tuk Tuks in the Rattanakosin area will increase drastically during these days, finding transportation can be an enormous challenge.

Tuk Tuk Hop will remain at your service during Songkran to transport you around as usual!

People celebrating the Songkran New Year Festival in Bangkok, Thailand.
BANGKOK – APRIL 13: Crowd of people celebrating the traditional Songkran New Year Festival, April 13, 2014, Silom road, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Tuk Tuk Hop Songkran Special

Tuk Tuk Hop Songkran Special will let you rent your private Tuk Tuk during the Thai new year celebrations in Bangkok.  Rent your private Tuk Tuk for only 285 THB per hour. A Tuk Tuk fits 4 people and will operate in the designated areas of Rattanakosin, Khao San Road, Dusit, Chinatown, and Phahurat areas).

Want to rent your private Tuk Tuk during Songkran? Please get in touch with us via:


By :  Juegen  Derksen

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